Hyundai supplies hydrogen-electric trucks to California

In the second part of 2019, five “Xient Hydrogen Electric Trucks” from Hyundai Motor Company will be delivered to California after being chosen for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s “2021 TAG” (Targeted Airshed Grants) program.

TAG is a financing initiative that the US Environmental Protection Agency launched in 2015. It gets projects from air quality management organizations connected to each municipal or state government with the aim of lowering air pollution across the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency chooses around 10 groups of businesses and organizations when they submit a consortium application for a project and offers financial support.

This time, Hyundai Motor Company and “First Element Fuel” took part in a project organized by the Southern Coast Air Quality Management Agency (SCAQMD), an air quality management organization in the state of California (FEF). It is a business that specializes in building and running hydrogen filling stations.

High ratings were given to the collaboration, which included Hyundai Motor, for its use of technology and sustainability as well as for its capacity to reduce emissions. The total amount of the subsidy is $3.5 million (about 4.8 billion won). Five hydrogen-electric trucks will be provided by Hyundai Motor in the third quarter of 2019. It is a class Xcient hydrogen-electric tractor type with a total weight of 37.2 tons.

With a maximum power of 350kW and a 180kW class hydrogen fuel cell system, it has a maximum output and can go up to 720km on a single charge. After a one-year, required demonstration project in California, Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen-electric truck will begin regular commercial use.

The California Air Environment Management Organization and the California Energy Commission chose Hyundai Motor Company to be one of the providers for their “California Port Eco-Friendly Truck Introduction Project” last year.