HYVIA launches new hydrogen vehicles


Another two H2 prototypes are being developed by the Hyvia joint venture between Renault and Plug Power, which will begin production in 2022.

Prototypes of two hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles have been unveiled. Platform chassis and minibus (Master Platform Chassis H2-Tech) are added to the panel van (Master Van H2-Tech) to form Master Platform Chassis and Master City Bus H2-Tech, respectively. All three models use the same fuel cell technology, but the tank capacity varies.

Panel vans have a 33 kWh battery and 30 kW fuel cell, as do the chassis and the minibus. With six kilograms of hydrogen stored in a panel van’s four tanks on its roof, the chassis has two tanks in the underbody, while a minibus has four tanks on its roof that can hold 4.5 kilograms. Hyvia specifies 500 kilometers for the panel van, 250 kilometers for the chassis, and 300 kilometers for the city bus.

All Master H2-Tech vehicles should be able to refuel in five minutes or less. The main players in Hyvia’s “comprehensive ecosystem for carbon-free mobility” have now been revealed with the vehicle variants and the H2 filling station. Green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution will all be part of the service.

Anela Dokso

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