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Hyzon Motors Inc., a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with RenewH2, a sustainable hydrogen production, liquefaction, distribution, and dispensing company based in the United States, to collaborate on the supply and demand sides of liquid hydrogen production.

RenewH2 intends to reform biogenic methane gas to generate hydrogen within the terms of the MoU. The hydrogen would then be liquefied and sent to hydrogen filling stations created in conjunction with Hyzon. The stations can be positioned near Hyzon clients as a result of this agreement, ensuring consistent demand for the fuel.

“By aligning the production of hydrogen with the fueling infrastructure and the end-consumer – hydrogen-powered trucks – this partnership addresses the chicken-and-egg problem that has prevented broad-scale hydrogen adoption,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. “This type of collaboration is crucial to accelerating decarbonization.”

Due to the advantages of liquid hydrogen versus hydrogen gas, both companies are interested in expanding their infrastructure. Due to its high energy density, liquid hydrogen is expected to have a range roughly double that of present 700 bar gaseous hydrogen. According to Hyzon’s recently announced deal to create ultra-heavy-duty liquid hydrogen-fueled trucks, the range of liquid hydrogen vehicles is estimated to be up to 1,000 miles.

The increased range results in fewer filling stations, eliminating the requirement to deliver liquid hydrogen to several sites. Additionally, capital and running expenses for refueling infrastructure are predicted to be cheaper than for gaseous hydrogen, due to the absence of compression and refrigeration equipment.

RenewH2 plans to commence hydrogen production in its Wyoming facility in 2023, with a maximum daily capacity of 300 tons via steam methane reformer units. Along with creating liquid hydrogen, RenewH2 intends to store and distribute it. According to the memorandum of understanding, the fuel might be transported by a fleet of RenewH2-owned and operated Class-8 Hyzon trucks.

“RenewH2 is excited about the opportunity to work with Hyzon Motors Inc. to provide an end-to-end hydrogen solution that will have a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emission,” comments David Martineau, CEO, RenewH2.

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