Hyzon Motors to supply 20 refuse collection vehicles in 2022 to Superior Pak

Image: Hyzon

Hyzon and Superior Pak have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to design and supply 20 waste collection vehicles (RCV).

Superior Pak’s 25 years of experience designing and engineering mobile garbage collecting and compaction equipment will be combined with Hyzon’s superior fuel cell technology in this alliance.

The firms want to build a zero-emissions, high-performance side-lift garbage truck that can execute 1500-2000 compactor lifts in an 8-10 hour suburban work cycle. In Q2 2022, the first five cars are planned to be delivered and operational.

Three of the initial five vehicles are planned to be available from Hyzon on a minimum one-month demonstration loan basis in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, with hydrogen filling stations nearby. Orders for the remaining 15 vehicles are presently being accepted, with high demand predicted from local governments and rubbish collection companies around Australia.

Superior Pak has now supplied over 3,000 compaction units to over 50 towns in Australia and New Zealand, allowing the company to expand its distribution network.

In fact, the Hyzon-Superior Pak vehicle is intended to be the first clean RCV available in Australia capable of performing full curb-side collecting responsibilities.

The back-to-base strategy allows for a central refueling infrastructure, making refuse collection a particularly good application for hydrogen fuel cell technology to replace diesel. The hydraulic lifts also require a lot of electricity, which Hyzon’s high-density fuel cells can easily provide.

“Over 530 Australian municipalities manage waste collection for their residents, many of which have committed to net-zero emissions across their operations,” said Hyzon CEO Craig Knight. “Despite these commitments, few viable zero-emissions options exist.”

“Clean waste management is no longer an oxymoron,” said Rob Wrigley, Managing Director of Superior Pak. “The benefits to the environment, the communities and drivers is enormous, so we are determined to develop a reliable, accessible option within a year.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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