Hyzon Motors unveils new hydrogen storage system expected to cut development costs in half

Hyzon-produced hydrogen tank storage systems, for its fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles.

Hyzon Motors has developed a novel onboard hydrogen storage system that can help commercial vehicles powered by Hyzon’s hydrogen fuel cells weigh less and cost less to manufacture.

The lightweight composite materials are integrated with the system’s metal frame in the patent-pending onboard hydrogen storage system technology. Based on a single-rack system with capacity to store five hydrogen cylinders, it has the ability to lower the overall weight of the system by 43 percent, storage system costs by 52 percent, and the required manufacturing component count by 75 percent.

The new storage system may be designed to contain variable amounts of hydrogen tanks, in addition to decreasing weight and expenses. Because of its modular construction, the smallest version can carry five tanks and can be expanded to seven tanks. A different variant can contain ten tanks, making it ideal for trucks traveling long distances.

While both arrangements are totally behind the cab, another enables for two extra tanks to be added on either side of the truck, extending the vehicle’s range without reducing the trailer’s size.

Hyzon’s European and American teams collaborated on the creation of this technology, and the company plans to manufacture the new system in both its Rochester, N.Y., and Groningen, Netherlands, facilities. The technology will be used in all of Hyzon’s automobiles around the world.

Hyzon also plans to sell this new system as a license to other commercial vehicle manufacturers. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to have access to the technology as part of the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, a global coalition of enterprises working along the hydrogen value chain.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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