Iberdrola and Volvo Car España partner up to promote electric mobility in Spain


Iberdrola and Volvo Car España have signed a framework partnership agreement to encourage sustainable mobility, in which the energy group will supply charging solutions for the Recharge vehicle range of the car manufacturer in Spain.

The solution that Iberdrola and its subsidiary Wallbox will supply to Volvo is intended to make the charging of its customers’ vehicles simpler, as it requires both the supply of the charging point and its installation in a private or shared garage.

In addition, consumers will be able to register for the Iberdrola Electric Vehicle Plan electricity tariff, which allows users to drive 1,000 kilometers for 5 euros, 10 times cheaper than diesel or petrol. The proposal also involves six months of free charging everywhere in the public network of Iberdrola.

Using the facilities that Iberdrola will supply to the producer, the consumers of the Volvo Recharge range will charge their electric car batteries with 100 percent green energy from clean generation sources with certificates guaranteeing their renewable origin (GoO).

The charging points will also be available on the Iberdrola Public Charging App, the only one in Spain to have checked information on all Iberdrola Public Charging Points and those belonging to other operators.

With the app, drivers will be able to geo-locate the charger and, in the case of Iberdrola customers, will be able to book and pay via their mobile phone.

In its strategy for the transition to a decarbonized economy, Iberdrola continues to contribute to the electrification of transport by unveiling a sustainable mobility initiative with an investment of €150 million to increase the roll-out of charging points for electric vehicles over the coming years.

The project includes the construction of about 150,000 charging points in houses, businesses and on the public road network in cities as well as on major motorways and roads over the next five years.

The company’s pledge to deploy high-efficiency charging points would see ultra-fast (350 kW) charging points every 200 kilometers, super-fast (150 kW) every 100 kilometers and fast (50 kW) charging points every 50 kilometers.

Nedim Husomanovic

Van Oord shareholder in Saare Wind Energy

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