Iberdrola to build solar power project in Valencia region


Iberdrola plans to build its first major solar power project in Spain’s Valencia region, the Cofrentes photovoltaic farm, which entails an investment of over €100 million.

This facility, located in the municipal areas of Ayora and Zarra, will have an installed capacity of 200 megawatts (MW) and will help to stimulate local industry by involving up to 600 professionals in its construction.

The plant will be located in the Ayora-Cofrentes valley and feature 445,000 photovoltaic modules covering approximately 250 hectares across the municipal areas of Ayora and Zarra.

The plan also includes building an electricity distribution substation, which would be located in Ayora municipality on the photovoltaic facility, as well as the electrical infrastructure needed to transport solar power and connect it to the national grid.

Once up and running, it will generate enough clean energy to power 100,000 households per year and prevent emissions of 63,000 tones of CO2 every year.

The project also includes building a collection substation in Jalance as part of the transmission infrastructure from the Cofrentes hub, which would comprise one transformer and potentially grow to include two more depending on how the renewable energy projects in the area progress.

Iberdrola already manages over 2,000 MW of renewable installed power in the Valencia region by producing hydroelectricity at the Cortes-La Muela complex, the largest pumping plant in Europe.

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