IDB lists two countries for green hydrogen funding

IDB has added technical assistance to its list of potential funding sources to aid in Honduras and Paraguay’s development of green hydrogen.

The funding would be used in Honduras to assess the viability of creating, storing, transporting, and utilizing hydrogen for thermal and electrical power generation.

Building capability linked to the institutional, legal, and regulatory framework would also be beneficial to the energy department and power regulator CREE of the Central American country.

The regional bank’s priorities for Paraguay are to build on current initiatives and target technology to boost resilience and productivity.

The two nations are on opposite ends of the alternative fuel introduction spectrum, with Honduras taking the first steps and Paraguay having a 250 MW green hydrogen and ammonia plant.

Additionally, Paraguay is putting the finishing touches on a green hydrogen bill that will be introduced to congress.

Similar technical cooperation has already been approved by the IDB for efforts in Costa Rica and other parts of the area that focus on the value chain and decarbonization potential of green hydrogen.

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