Incico and Lhyfe partner on green hydrogen and e-fuel

The turnkey facility will manufacture green hydrogen and zero-emission synthetic fuels for small and medium-sized businesses looking to decrease costs and greenhouse gas emissions, according to an agreement between Incico SpA and Lhyfe, a specialist company.

Puglia should host the first plant because there are interested local businesses there. After obtaining the green hydrogen, the facility combines it with carbon dioxide that was recovered from emissions from the generators, a gas plant, its own manufacturing operations, or those of a nearby company.

Incico and Lhyfe’s envisaged eco-system makes use of tried-and-true technologies. It employs renewable energy for its electricity and creates green fuels that are simple to store and transport and have a very promising market.

By doing this, businesses can lower their electricity costs, lower their greenhouse gas emissions, and get fuel that can be sold or used locally.