India, UAE agree on green hydrogen development

In accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “One Sun, One World, One Grid” program, India and the UAE have come to an agreement on the production of green hydrogen and the laying of an undersea cable linking India and the UAE.

The agreement was signed by Suhail Al Mazrouei, the UAE’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, and RK Singh, the Union Minister of Power and New and Renewable Energy, according to the Ministry of External Affairs. The two presidents met to discuss numerous potential between the two countries in the energy and renewables sectors.

Under the Mission declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the “ONE SUN, ONE WORLD, ONE GRID INITIATIVE,” both parties addressed the beginning of a feasibility study on the subsea cable between India and the UAE. Notably, a significant delegation of Indian corporations involved in the renewable energy industry is traveling with RK Singh on his three-day visit to Abu Dhabi.

“An MoU on collaboration in the area of Green Hydrogen Development and Investment was also signed by the two ministers. In accordance with the mission announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the “ONE SUN, ONE WORLD, ONE GRID INITIATIVE,” the Ministers also discussed the beginning of a feasibility study on a subsea cable between India and the United Arab Emirates “In the press release, the Ministry of External Affairs stated.

In a news statement, the Ministry of External Affairs stated, “Both India and the UAE have taken the initiative in the development of low-cost renewable energy sources. The two nations are moving toward a strong connection in the fields of power and renewable energy, although historically, the bilateral energy relationship has focused on the oil and gas sector.” RK Singh met Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, the UAE’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, during his tour. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is the president-elect of COP28. Singh congratulated Sultan Ahmed Jaber Jaber on taking the COP 28 chair at the meeting. Jaber’s expertise in energy and climate change will be beneficial for COP 28 in his opinion, he remarked.

The priority of the two countries in the energy sector was covered in the discussion, as well as how India and the UAE may work together to prepare for India’s G20 Presidency. RK Singh discussed India’s aims for the G20 in the area of energy, and Dr. Sultan Al Jaber focused on the UAE’s priorities for the COP28 conference, which will take place in November in Dubai.

RK Singh will be in charge of the 13th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency on January 14. (IRENA). A 168-nation international organization devoted to renewable energy is called IRENA. The press release states that India has played a key role in IRENA and would keep taking the lead in international initiatives to support and facilitate a timely global energy transition.

“India will continue to take the lead in international efforts to promote and facilitate a timely global energy transition that is citizen-centric, just, inclusive, and equitable and leaves no one behind as the President of the IRENA Assembly. India will help to shape and coordinate the global conversation in a way that motivates nations to work toward achieving this goal, “In the press statement, of the MEA stated.

According to the MEA’s news release, India has also committed to the objective of achieving net zero by 2070 and is making progress toward meeting other goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. In November 2021, India, which had committed to generating around 40% of its total electricity from non-fossil sources by 2030, achieved this goal nine years earlier than expected.

It said, “India is also making progress toward the Mission LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment, which was declared by Prime Minister Modi and the UN Secretary-General in October of last year. In order to prevent climate change, Mission Life promotes a healthy, sustainable way of life based on customs and values of moderation and conservation.”

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