India’s DST and German Fraunhofer ISE collaborate on hydrogen tech

A letter of intent (LoI) for a long-term partnership centered on hydrogen technology was signed between the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of India and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) of Germany.

According to the ministry, the LoI would spur the creation of hydrogen energy clusters with higher technological readiness levels (TRL) and identify current and potential Fraunhofer initiatives in green hydrogen, combine them with local technologies, and deploy/calibrate them for Indian conditions.

DST will promote initiatives, enable necessary resources, and offer the enabling environment for collaboration in the hydrogen valley cluster projects wherever appropriate and practical. Fraunhofer, which serves as a technology partner for the hydrogen valley and cluster, collaborates in the creation of technology roadmaps and guidelines for the innovation ecosystem and cluster, as well as information on and access to technologies with a TRL of 5-8.

India and Germany are committed to working together in the pursuit of energy security and climate protection and share the objective of decarbonizing their economy. In order to make it easier to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, both nations have agreed to creating a national green hydrogen economy.

This partnership will pave the way for the development of active engagements and partnerships based on shared strengths and needs to further technological advancements in the hydrogen and clean energy sectors.

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