Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen exploring new UUV markets for air-independent hydrogen fuel cells

Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) are a potential new market for Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen’s air-independent non-flow-through hydrogen fuel cells.

The U.S. Office of Naval Research has supported Infinity’s research and development of market-ready technology for this sector for a number of years. Taking this action is the natural next step toward making a marketable product.

UUVs are not only utilized by the military, but also in a wide variety of commercial fields, including oil and gas exploration, underwater infrastructure inspection (cables, pipelines, etc.), scientific study, and underwater salvage. The wreck of Robert Shackelton’s Endurance, which went down in the Antarctic in 1915, was located in 2021 because to the use of an unmanned underwater vehicle.

Hydrogen fuel cell power is especially beneficial for larger UUVs since it allows them to remain submerged for much longer—weeks or even months. One concept that Infinity is working on will allow such spacecraft to complete missions of up to 70 days in duration. Unlike UUVs powered by other, more traditional fuels, this type does not require periodic resurfacing and refueling, negating the need for the costly tender boats.