InRedox to produce GEN2 materials, SunHydrogen confirms

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Colorado-based company to enable scalable growth and analysis for SunHydrogen’s electrochemical anodization process.

SunHydrogen confirmed that US company, InRedox, will work on producing material components needed for GEN 2 manufacturing development.

By retaining InRedox, SunHydrogen will be provided the insights needed to evaluate and demonstrate the scalability of the processes involved in SunHydrogen technology designed to fabricate the nanoporous protective layer using its proprietary electrochemical anodization process.

While SCHMID is in cooperation to develop the scaled manufacturing process for GEN 2 from scratch to a final product, InRedox’s expertise will focus mainly on the fabrication of the protective layers essential for GEN 2 that would be used as complementary to SCHMID and/or other partner efforts.

“InRedox has the expertise and insight via their decades of experiences in scaling up the electrochemical anodization process to both support and expedite the development process for SunHydrogen, We are focused on improving the efficiency and reducing cost across each step of the development process and ultimately supply chain. This partnership is yet another key initiative for strengthening our commercial viability”

Dr. Joun Lee, Technology Director for SunHydrogen

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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