INTERVIEW: Peter Eggleton explains crucial introduction of Hydrogenics to Alstom

This is a conversation with Peter Eggleton, the Canadian Engineer who was at the heart of the crucial introduction of Hydrogenics to Alstom at the 13th International Hydrail Conference which launched the reboot of the carbon-to-hydrogen transition in the USA.

Peter will give us the message-by-message interplay between Hydrogenics for whom he was a rail engineering contractor and Alstom which produced the iLint hydrail version of the Alstom diesel Coradia passenger train.

Peter Eggleton is a mechanical engineer with a career in the private and public sectors in Canada bringing new transportation technology through the innovation cycle from first concept to operational deployment. Since 2013 he has been designing hydrail applications. His studies assisted the Canadian company, Hydrogenics-Cummins, to be accepted as a fuel cell provider for the Alstom Transport Coradia iLint, the hydrail regional commuter train that was first deployed in 2018 in Germany. Involvement in subsequent hydrail studies underpinned Canadian Pacific Railway to retrofit a high-horsepower mainline freight locomotive to hydrail – again a world first. His previous Canadian railway involvements included the LRC intercity passenger train, the automated Vancouver Skytrain, the electrification of the BC Rail Tumbler Ridge line, and the Railway Association of Canada’s Locomotive Emissions Monitoring Program.

The entirety of our chat with Peter Eggleton is provided below.