Ireland: Oil refinery to become green hydrogen hub


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Irving Oil and Simply Blue Group, commits the parties to explore opportunities related to the potential development of an integrated renewable energy hub at the Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery.

In accordance with this agreement, the companies will work together to explore a number of opportunities that would help to develop a hub for renewable energy at Ireland’s only refinery, Whitegate, which is also a key component of the nation’s energy infrastructure. These opportunities include the production of green hydrogen and its use in the creation of electrofuels for domestic and global markets. Electrofuels, sometimes referred to as e-fuels, are sustainable fuels that are carbon neutral and created using renewable electricity and carbon or nitrogen drawn from the atmosphere.

Additionally, Simply Blue Group’s planned Emerald Floating Wind project, which is expected to be situated about 50 kilometers south of Cork, Ireland, and other significant offshore wind developments around the country will be considered by Irving Oil and Simply Blue Group as ways to integrate them into this hub for renewable energy.

Together, the businesses are dedicated to innovation and cooperation with the goal of creating revolutionary projects that will provide consumers and communities with long-term energy security.

Irving Oil has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all of its activities and to the development of more sustainable energy solutions with an emphasis on leadership throughout the energy transition. In addition to actively pursuing a net-zero goal by 2050, the corporation has established goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

This significant partnership with Simply Blue Group may result in new and significant opportunities to reduce emissions in the ongoing operations of the Whitegate refinery and to enable the production of a new generation of ultra-low carbon energy products, particularly e-fuels, in line with changing consumer demands and EU energy policy.

According to Irving Oil President Ian Whitcomb, “At Irving Oil, we are dedicated to leading during the energy transition, and participating in good partnerships is a crucial component of our strategy as we all move toward a lower carbon future.” Another illustration of the realization of our energy transition plan is the work we are beginning with Simply Blue Group. The Whitegate refinery, an important element of Ireland’s energy infrastructure, combined with Simply Blue Group’s leadership in offshore wind development might present Ireland with attractive new options.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Simply Blue Group, and we are excited to be working with Irving Oil as we jointly investigate the potential development of an integrated renewable energy hub at the Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery,” said Sam Roch Perks, group chief executive officer of Simply Blue Group. This may completely alter the landscape of Ireland. It offers the chance to break ground and take the lead in e-Fuels, a brand-new market segment that will be essential in the battle against climate change.

“The recent announcement by Minister Ryan of 2GW of green hydrogen from offshore wind enhances our confidence in Ireland’s determination to allow this industry,” he stated. Massive onshore e-Fuel production facilities may be integrated with large floating offshore wind farms—another enormous possibility for Ireland—to effectively handle issues with intermittency, energy storage, and system balancing.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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