IST, Hyrium and Samjeong ENC in hydrogen charging infrastructure deal


The three businesses resolved to foster cooperative R&D and business in the field of hydrogen charging and inked a commercial agreement with the Hwaseong City Chamber of Commerce.

First off, IST is providing SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics with equipment due to its unmatched technical advancement and product production capability in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry.

Recognized for its design and technical abilities, IST is now planning and building four hydrogen refueling stations independently, creating a fuel cell reformer and providing 300 units a year to S Fuel Cell.

It also produces and sells high-pressure dispenser hoses and thermocouples for hydrogen filling stations, which are totally dependent on imports, in addition to actively developing hydrogen goods.

Additionally, it’s unsettling the businesses that already operate hydrogen charging station facilities, such as the one that won the Jeonju No. 3 hydrogen charging station that Jeonbuk Development Corporation ordered.

By collaborating with Samjeong E&C, which provides 95 percent of domestic hydrogen charging station coolers, and Hyrium Industry, which has unmatched technology in the liquefied hydrogen field, IST is anticipated to actively advance into the construction of liquid hydrogen charging stations in the future. have.

This MOU intends to protect the local hydrogen industry’s source technology through cooperation with Hyrium Industry and Samjung ENC, which have the best technology in Korea, and to ensure competitiveness in the global hydrogen market, according to IST President Cho Chang-hyeon.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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