Italy: Pnrr announces €450M for hydrogen valleys

The directive decree authorizing the building of the hydrogen valleys has been made public on the website of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security.

This investment is being planned by the PNRR with the dual goals of converting idle factories and promoting the development of renewable energy sources. It will encourage the production of green hydrogen in deserted industrial zones, particularly in Southern Italy.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Environment and Economic Development, Vannia Gava, declared that “green hydrogen will be directly used in industry, SMEs, and local transport, thus promoting local economic growth with a view to decarbonization and greater sustainability with a 450 million euro investment.”

By the first quarter of 2023, contracts will be awarded thanks to the measure, which also includes the standard call that Regions and Autonomous Provinces can utilize to award funds. The Ministry will also set aside $2 billion throughout that time period for the use of hydrogen in challenging industries, advancing the gradual transition away from fossil fuels.