ITM Power conducts electrolyzer feasibility study in Western Australia

The Western Australian government has hired ITM Power to examine the viability of producing electrolysers there.

After soliciting businesses to submit bids for the project, the Western Australian Government chose ITM Power for the feasibility study, which will cost A$225,000 (€145,000).

The state of Western Australia possesses 2.5 million square kilometers of low intensity terrain, a low population density, and “high-intensity renewable energy sources,” according to the Western Australia Renewable Hydrogen Strategy.

In addition to use in industry (mining vehicles, combustion for heat, industrial feedstock), blending into the natural gas grid (10% blend minimum aim by 2040), and transportation, the Western Australian Government made exports its primary area of priority for its hydrogen strategy (road freight, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles).

Furthermore, the Hydrogen Strategy aims for Western Australia’s market share in global hydrogen exports to be comparable to its share in LNG by 2040. According to data from ICIS, Western Australia supplied 14% of the world’s LNG during the first nine months of 2022.

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