Jaguar and Land Rover introduce hydrogen fuel cell in Land Rover Defender

At a time when electrification is in the spotlight, many businesses have chosen to join forces and are building a new business model with a focus on a sustainable future.

One of these titans is Jaguar Land Rover, which offers one of the greatest alternatives to electric energy, such as the hydrogen battery. Now the large company has gone a step forward and declared that further information about this Land Rover Defender fitted with a peculiar form of propulsion will be revealed in the coming days.

As is well known, all of this is a result of the Zeus project, which, after several months of hard work on the project they unveiled last year, has already produced a prototype. In fact, it is not yet the final design, and the hydrogen battery that will power the Land Rover Defender will be a prototype. In order to accomplish this, they have partnered with companies such as Marelli, Delta Coswoth, and AVL in an effort to create one of the most advanced models on the market.
The hydrogen battery is 90kW with a high-power battery that reaches 300kW, both of which are being built by Delta Motorsport, and are joined by two electric and electronic power units that guarantee total control of the prototype.

A breakthrough model

Each engine of this type was designed solely by Jaguar Land Rover and has a maximum output of 147 kW. It is complemented by a battery that is located behind the seats and has a capacity of 16.7 kWh. Thus, we find ourselves in possession of a vehicle that has not left us indifferent and which promises to be the great reference.

It is not unexpected that businesses have incorporated an alternative renewable energy model that promises to be among the purest on the market. Therefore, it ensures the highest levels of autonomy and performance that a luxury vehicle such as a Jaguar can have.

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