JERA has invested in the operating business that operates the Linden Gas-fired Power Generation Project in the United States through its subsidiary JERA Americas Inc.

The operating firm has entered into an arrangement with Phillips 66, a large oil refiner in the United States, to purchase hydrogen-containing fuel gas produced at refineries.

The operating company will adapt the existing gas turbine at Linden Gas Thermal Power Station Unit 6 to enable co-firing of hydrogen-containing refinery fuel gas provided by Phillips 66’s Bayway Oil Refinery adjacent to the power station. After completion of this modification in 2022, Linden Gas Thermal Power Station Unit 6 will be capable of mixed combustion with up to 40% hydrogen, which will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10% of the unit’s yearly CO2 emissions.

It is anticipated that it would take some time before hydrogen can be used for power generation in Japan due to the need for carrier technology development. JERA will endeavor to overcome technical challenges and develop the use of hydrogen in power plants around the United States, where hydrogen is available, with the goal of amassing technological capabilities and expertise for future domestic and international initiatives.

Nedim Husomanovic

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