JUWI and LANXESS examine whether Mannheim can produce green hydrogen

The feasibility study being conducted by JUWI and LANXESS will establish whether or not green hydrogen can be produced at the Mannheim location and afterwards used to supply the LANXESS plants.

Before the end of 2022, we should have our first results. Additives, specialized chemicals, and services for the plastics, lubricants, and rubber sectors are what LANXESS focuses on creating and selling at its Mannheim location. Products find applications in the aerospace and food processing industries, as well as the automobile and shipbuilding sectors.

JUWI and its parent firm, MVV, work together in a tight fashion. With the goal of connecting the mobility and heat industries, the MVV Group is already hard at work in Stassfurt (Saxony-Anhalt) on the interplay of renewable energy and electrolysers for the creation of green hydrogen. Power for this will come from a nearby wind farm, according to plans. Towards this purpose, JUWI is adding six wind turbines capable of producing 36 MW to an existing park in nearby Förderstedt. The future electrolyser, which is also in the works, will be supplied with clean electricity from the wind farm.