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Kansai Electric Power and e5 to produce and promote electrical vessels


Kansai Electric Power and e5 Lab have reached an agreement on a business partnership for the production and promotion of pure electrical vessels Water Urban Mobility (hereafter EV) in the Kansai Bay Area.

In recent years, the Japanese shipping industry has faced problems such as the reduction of GHG pollution from vessels and the lack of qualified seafarers.

The development of EV technology and autonomous navigation systems for vessels is therefore important. There is also strong hopes for the production of different mobility in preparation for the Osaka / Kansai Expo in 2025.

e5 will be responsible for the planning and construction of the next generation EV, which improves comfort by reducing noise and vibration due to electrification, improves accessibility through making more transport choices, and creates entertainment spaces through highly versatile architecture and interior design that meets the needs of the customer.

KEPCO will develop the “Bidirectional Wireless Charge / Discharge System” for high-capacity storage batteries to be mounted on EV. This will be the first event in Japan if it is installed successfully.

This charge / discharge system connects storage batteries on the vessel side and charge / discharge devices on the shore side to regulate electrical power. It is intended to be used for the energy conservation of nearby shoreline facilities and for BCP initiatives.

The project aims to propose and offer new mobility services using EV technology and charging / discharge systems to local governments and businesses in the future. Both companies will promote the production and diffusion of EV and contribute to the sustainable management of the Japanese shipping industry and the development of a decarbonized society.

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