Kawasaki and Toyota developing motorcycles hydrogen engines

Kawasaki and Toyota have agreed to collaborate on the development of hydrogen engines for future motorcycles, per the terms of a recently inked agreement.

Already one of the most forward-thinking traditional manufacturers in terms of creating dependable, long-term replacements for the internal combustion engine (ICE), such as hybrid and electric technologies, it is also pushing forward with advances in hydrogen power.

Kawasaki’s investment in hydrogen technology sets it apart from competitors, and the company has shown its dedication to the field by forming a partnership with Toyota, the largest automaker in the world.

Because Toyota is already 30 years ahead of the curve in terms of innovation in this space, a partnership with them can only speed up progress for Kawasaki.

More than 2,600 of the company’s Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been sold around the world since they were released in 2016.

In early October, Toyota President Akio Toyoda drove a hydrogen-powered Kawasaki ATV at Motegi. The vehicle was powered by a motor originally designed for a motorbike.