KENTECH and KSOE present a floating green hydrogen production platform

The foundational design of a 100MW offshore floating green hydrogen production platform was presented to Gastech 2022 by a research team led by Professor Hwang Ji-hyeon of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH) and the Institute of Future and Technology of Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (KSOE).

The platform is a cutting-edge hydrogen production base formed by mounting a hydrogen liquefaction module on a ship’s deck, which stores liquefied hydrogen for delivery to the point of consumption, together with a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis device that generates green hydrogen.

The platform is based on a standardized design model, unlike on-shore hydrogen production facilities. Its automated design, production, and commissioning processes to take place at a shipyard, drastically reducing construction costs and speeding up the construction process.

The platform, which offers the option to employ methanol and ammonia in addition to liquid hydrogen, is anticipated to make it possible to deliver hydrogen for a variety of uses. By stepping up their collaboration with businesses that specialize in water electrolysis, the two groups want to finish a full design by 2023.

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