Kenya: Green hydrogen project pilot on the horizon


The Kenyan government has announced intentions to test out green hydrogen projects, according to Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma. Their efforts to provide clean, economical and sustainable energy are reflected in this.

Juma stated that the action would determine whether large-scale green hydrogen generation in Kenya is feasible during the inauguration of the first Manufacturers, Technology and Innovation Expo organized by Kenya Power.

“A national green hydrogen working group comprised of stakeholders from the public and private sectors has been established to define a roadmap on the future of green hydrogen in Kenya, and to enact the necessary policies and regulations to support its adoption,” said Juma. “To support the adoption of hydrogen as a source of power.”

She mentioned that Kenya was making conscious efforts to guarantee the supply of clean, cheap, and sustainable energy to fuel the nation’s development. According to SDG 7, which calls for the supply of clean energy for all, “we have made extremely strong international commitments and taken intentional actions to have the energy sector attain carbon neutral status by procuring power exclusively from clean sources by 2030.”

Juma continued by saying that Kenya must utilize technology to upgrade its system and provide access to affordable power. She claimed that because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Africa is under pressure to find a viable path to energy security.

The Cabinet Secretary said, “Saving the seas depends on turning green; in other words, you cannot go blue without going green, and I do not think you can go green without going blue.

“We are fully conscious of the very dynamic and fast-paced operating environment and the necessity to stay up with evolving trends and developments within the energy industry,” Kenya Power’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Vivienne Yeda said in her speech on the same occasion.

Therefore, achieving affordable energy is not simply a business objective for KPLC; it is also a global objective that the whole community hopes to accomplish before 2030. That implies that the investments we all make now must consider how affordable and accessible energy will be in the long run, she continued.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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