Kier and Protium study hydrogen-fuelled depots

Kier and Protium are conducting a feasibility study to see if renewable hydrogen can be used to power its highway depots.

In order to power current fleets, depots, and equipment in the highways industry, the hydrogen-fueled net zero depots project will investigate how hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can complement other renewable energy sources.

It will examine how adopting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will assist Kier Highways reach its goal of becoming net-zero on its scope 1&2 (operational emissions) by 2030. These benefits include those related to the environment, technology, and finances.

In order to cut the majority of the company’s scope 1&2 emissions, Kier Highways hopes to electrify a limited fleet and concentrate on hydrogen for HGVs.

The goal of the hydrogen-fueled net zero depots feasibility study, which is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2023, is to provide a design for future net-zero depots. This covers every aspect, with a focus on heavy goods trucks (HGVs), such as gritters, as well as the heating and lighting. An evaluation of fleet composition and mileage is already being done in preparation for the feasibility study.

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