Kola NPP produces hydrogen with domestic technology

At the Kola Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), hydrogen was produced in a new domestic electrolytic cell.

Hydrogen is created using cutting-edge technology, which is being deployed on an industrial scale for the first time at the Rosenergoatom firm, a subsidiary of Rosatom.

A new locally manufactured electrolysis unit at the Kola NPP produced the first hydrogen, which is required for cooling the nuclear power plant’s turbo turbines, which generate electricity.

Proton exchange membranes are used to make hydrogen, which is more environmentally friendly. The commissioning of a bench-test complex for hydrogen generation is envisaged for 2025.

Due to its handling experience, the Kola NPP has become a trial facility for hydrogen generation in the Russian Federation. Rosatom intends to develop four pilot projects for hydrogen generation, which will be implemented on the territory of Kaliningrad, Murmansk, and Sakhalin.