L8 Energy integrates photovoltaics and green hydrogen

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L8 Energy will present at Intersolar South America, between August 23 and 25, a photovoltaic system integrated to a green hydrogen plant.

With a total investment of R$200 million, financed by a German bank, the plant located in Goiás should be ready in 2023. According to Leandro Kuhn, CEO of L8 Group, the investment in the solar part alone reached R$88 million.

The plant is seen by the company as a milestone in the supply of renewable energy, since the production of hydrogen requires a high consumption of electricity. L8 Energy’s solution allies solar energy generation to the process, consuming the electricity that is produced by the photovoltaic system itself. “It is an environmentally sustainable alternative, using a renewable source that does not generate waste throughout production. When applied as an energy source, hydrogen does not emit pollutant gases such as carbon dioxide, only water vapor. This also contributes to minimize global warming,” explains Kuhn.

L8 Energy and solutions

In addition to the innovations involving green hydrogen, L8 Energy will present at Intersolar South America its entire portfolio of solar generation products and solutions. “This event, considered the largest and most important in Latin America, presents the complete solar energy production chain. And we will bring to the public the main market trends. It is also an important event to meet the main manufacturers and distributors in the sector and strengthen the relationship with customers”, says Guilherme Nagamine, director of L8 Energy.

The demand for photovoltaic systems has been growing significantly in Brazil. According to Nagamine, many consumers have already realized the advantages of investing in photovoltaic systems. This statement is proven by the numbers of L8 Energy itself, which in the last year grew 50% and expects to grow another 50% by the end of 2022.

Today, the photovoltaic sector is the third largest generator of electricity in the country. It is second only to hydro power, which accounts for 53.9%, and wind power, with 10.8%.

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