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LAVO, an Australian hydrogen-powered technology and lifestyle company, and Duxton Vineyards Group (DV), a large-scale, vertically integrated wine enterprise, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the use of LAVO hydrogen storage solutions to assist DV in achieving its Net Zero Emissions and sustainability goals.

LAVO and DV will work on a pilot project utilizing LAVO’s flagship product, the LAVO System, throughout DV’s vineyard and winery holdings. The pilot’s overarching goal will be to evaluate how LAVO can work within and support DV’s long-term ecological vision of a “zero carbon” winery.

Following the pilot, LAVO and DV will collaborate to create and implement a strategy for LAVO’s hydrogen storage solutions to be implemented across DV’s operations.

This includes assessing the commercial viability and feasibility of utilizing LAVO’s hydrogen storage technologies to supplement DV’s Vineyard and Winery Energy Management “Negative Carbon” Plan, as well as additional uses across the company’s agricultural asset portfolio.

Power generation and delivery that is reliable, economical, and sustainable is one of the most significant challenges confronting governments, organizations, and individuals today. LAVO’s adaptability, long-term commitment to sustainable solutions, and vital role in allowing Australia’s transition to a greener future enable it to assist DV in accomplishing its broader sustainability objectives and achieving its Net Zero Carbon by 2030 target.

Alan Yu, CEO and Executive Director of LAVO, commented: “We are thrilled to be working with Duxton Vineyards Group to help deliver on its ambitious sustainability and net zero carbon objectives. It is always exciting to collaborate with like-minded companies that recognise the importance of cleaner, greener operations for a more sustainable future.

“We are committed to building the next generation of energy storage in Australia and this MoU gives us the opportunity to put our own ambitions into practice. Reliable, affordable and sustainable power generation and supply is one of the biggest challenges facing governments, businesses and individuals today. We are pleased to be taking yet another step forward in enabling Australia’s shift to a greener future through the use of green hydrogen energy technology.”

Edouard Peter, Chairman of Duxton Group, also commented: “Duxton Vineyards is  committed to achieving positive environmental outcomes and playing its role in progressing a circular economy, our work with LAVO reflects our commitment to progressing environmentally-focused partnerships that promote a sustainable relationship with the land we operate on.

“LAVO’s first of its kind hydrogen energy storage technology will be an important feature in Duxton Vineyard’s sustainable future, and I look forward to working with their team to advance our renewable energy and zero emissions objectives.”

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