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Leonardo and Snam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of their respective technology skills to promote energy industry innovation and sustainability.

The alliance will focus on the digitalization, monitoring, and physical and cyber security of processes, networks, and infrastructures with the goal of increasing their resilience and operating efficiency. The agreement is focused on the development of the hydrogen economy, which will be critical for Europe to meet its decarbonization ambitions.

“The agreement falls within the scope of our technological and market development roadmaps identified in the Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 strategic plan, set out on long-term sustainable growth, which also envisages the development of advanced systems to monitor and defend critical infrastructures, as well as the development of aerospace systems linked to the ecological transition”, Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo said.

“Making key industry sectors sustainable and protecting critical infrastructure”, Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam commented “are priority challenges for the future of our communities. This is the starting point for our partnership with Leonardo, bringing together the skills and innovative capacity of two excellent Italian companies to develop technologies aimed at strengthening the security of energy networks, optimizing their management and decarbonizing the aerospace sector through hydrogen”.

Leonardo and Snam’s collaboration will primarily focus on cyber security for critical infrastructure, IoT (Internet of Things) technology, and improved sensors for monitoring energy networks, as well as the introduction of hydrogen into the aerospace sector.

The three-year agreement provides for the possibility of applying the collaborative solutions to additional international entities operating in the big energy networks industry. The agreement may, if appropriate, be subject to further binding agreements defined by the parties in line with the applicable legal framework, including transactions between related parties.

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