Levidian equips Santander UK with LOOP tech

Santander UK and Levidian have agreed to work together going forward to promote and spread the word about their revolutionary decarbonization technology.

The partnership offers the chance to deploy Levidian’s ground-breaking LOOP technology throughout Santander UK’s own office space and the chance to assist UK companies in their transition to a low-carbon economy.

Levidian, a company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and established in 2012, has created LOOP, a rapid decarbonization device that removes carbon from methane to produce clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene, a new material that can be used in a variety of applications, such as enhancing the durability of concrete, tires, batteries, and producing anti-corrosion paint.

With ambitious goals set at both the UK and Group levels, Santander UK’s sustainability strategy is concentrated on core activities where the biggest effect can be made. The environmental component of the bank’s strategy, which includes managing climate risks and assisting clients in making the transition to a low-carbon economy while decreasing emissions in their own operations, is driven by the fight against climate change and support for the green economy.

The bank is dedicated to attaining net zero carbon emissions in all of its consulting, and investment activities by 2050 and has been operating carbon neutrally since 2020. Additionally, it’s auto lending businesses in Europe (Santander Consumer Finance), the USA (Santander Consumer USA), and other regions are assisting in the creation of environmentally friendly transportation options.