Lhyfe launched its first offshore hydrogen unit


In Saint-Nazaire, Lhyfe has launched its offshore renewable green hydrogen production prototype.

On the offshore testing facility (SEM-REV) run by the French engineering college Centrale Nantes, the Sealhyfe platform has begun an 18-month trial phase. The undertaking will see the first production of hydrogen at sea.

Through this test location, Lhyfe will automatically manufacture the first kilos of environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen at the quay and later at sea under the worst circumstances. The manufacturing unit is attached to a floating wind turbine via a floating platform.

At the quay in the port of Saint-Nazaire, a first six-month trial phase is beginning to gather initial reference measurements and test all of the systems.

Sealhyfe will spend a year off the coast of the Atlantic after this initial stage. It will be positioned less than a kilometer away from the floating wind turbine, secured to the ground with a network of anchors, and linked to the underwater hub of the site using an umbilical that has been specifically created for this use (energy and data transfer).

Lhyfe will have a sizable amount of data at the conclusion of this trial, which should enable it to design mature offshore production systems and deploy reliable and tested technologies on a large scale, in line with the EU’s goal of producing 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen annually by 2030.

In order to decarbonize transportation and industry, countries with coastlines could be able to utilize locally produced, renewable green hydrogen through the use of offshore wind turbines.

Up to 400 kg of renewable, green hydrogen, or 1 MW of power, may be generated by Sealhyfe each day.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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