Lhyfe to build 200 MW hydrogen plant in Dutch Delfzijl

Lhyfe, a manufacturer of green and renewable hydrogen, will build a 200 MW renewable green hydrogen plant in Delfzijl, Netherlands.

Delfzijl, which has a sizable industrial and chemical sector, is already a substantial consumer of hydrogen as a chemical feedstock. Future forecasts indicate a major increase in that demand. Lhyfe will be able to assist businesses in their decarbonization efforts by providing them with renewable green hydrogen using the electrolysis process and renewable electricity from the area.

The Netherlands plans to build out a hydrogen backbone over the entire nation in an effort to become one of Europe’s leading nations in green hydrogen. An old salt cavern will soon be transformed into a hydrogen storage facility along the backbone, ensuring a consistent supply of clean hydrogen to industrial users on days when renewable energy is not available.

The green and renewable hydrogen market is being quickly ramped up by Lhyfe in various European nations. With a planned installed capacity of 3 GW by 2030, it aspires to become a top green and renewable hydrogen generator in Europe. The company is creating decentralized hydrogen ecosystems of varying plant sizes around Europe, including the Delfzijl project, to meet this objective. The company is also establishing new benchmarks in the offshore hydrogen industry, having launched on September 22nd the first offshore renewable green hydrogen production pilot in history.

The project’s execution is dependent on securing the necessary operating licenses, building permits, and financial investment decisions.