LIFTE H2 announced the extension of their presence in Berlin and Boston, as well as the launch of a technology-diverse project development service for next-generation hydrogen infrastructure.

Veterans and organizations in the hydrogen industry have reacted favourably to LIFTE’s basic ideals and long-term collaborations. Within five months of debut, LIFTE engaged 24 LIFTErs in Germany and the United States, predominantly technical professionals with at least six years of expertise developing hydrogen products and projects. LIFTE’s capacity will be doubled again by early 2022 to fulfill demand.

LIFTE has joined or increased their engagement in H2Europe, SAE, CEP, ISO, CSA, and H2@Scale to promote their worldwide mission, with further industry platforms and collaborations to be revealed shortly.

While interest in hydrogen as a means of deepening society’s decarbonization is growing, hydrogen products and their supply networks are still in their infancy. Additionally, integrated hydrogen solutions for mobility, distributed energy, and storage are now unavailable, insufficiently customer-centric, and poorly suited for future growth. LIFTE, in collaboration with a global leader in heavy industry and mobility, is developing next-generation high-capacity hydrogen infrastructure solutions that are integrated, safe, and dependable, allowing project developers to refocus their efforts on opportunity creation and origination.

“In an industry where hydrogen-specific product and project experience is hard to come by, LIFTE provides a unique combination of relationships, experience, technology, and capabilities,” said Matthew Blieske, CEO and co-founder of LIFTE H2. “Our team members have delivered hydrogen projects on three different continents, developed industry-leading products, and understand how to localize global competencies. We have a proven track record of establishing commercial and technical advantage for our infrastructure partners.”

Nedim Husomanovic

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