Linde builds most powerful hydrogen truck filling station for Mpreis

The most potent hydrogen truck filling station in Europe has now been put into service in Völs by the Austrian food retail firm Mpreis. It was made feasible by Linde.

The most potent hydrogen filling station in Europe is believed to have been developed and constructed by Linde Engineering. Up to four hydrogen-powered vehicles may be fueled at once and in about an hour. Each vehicle has to be refueled for around 10 minutes. Around 40 kilos of hydrogen flow through the tap at this time. According to Linde, the energy contained in that quantity of hydrogen is about comparable to 400 liters of diesel fuel. With the new technology, Mpreis is now able to provide green fuel to its own fleet of fuel cell trucks.

The standard is raised via a hydrogen filling station

This hydrogen filling station’s technology increases the bar for fuelling speeds while upholding strict safety regulations. At this hydrogen filling station, Linde has included improvements including a uniform filling methodology. In addition, Alexander Unterschütz, Senior Vice President of Components at Linde Engineering, adds, “We have combined generating, fuelling, and distribution – which we consider to be a particularly future-proof approach.”

It is seen as a significant accomplishment that the Mpreis truck fleet has been converted to fuel cell cars that are refueled with green hydrogen at the business’s own filling station in Völs. Thus, the firm will begin serving its food markets in a CO 2-neutral and emission-free way, making it the first medium-sized company in Austria to do so.

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