Linde launches first hydrogen train refueling system in the world

Woking-based Linde has developed the first hydrogen refueling system for passenger trains in the world.

Linde constructed, owns, and manages the new infrastructure that will refuel 14 hydrogen-powered passenger trains in Bremervorde, Germany. Each refueling will allow the train to go 1,000 kilometers without emitting carbon dioxide.

Its overall capacity of around 1,600kg of hydrogen per day places it among the largest hydrogen refueling systems ever constructed. The location has also been engineered to accommodate future green hydrogen generation on-site.

Linde’s President of Region Europe West, Veerle Slenders, stated, “Linde is dedicated to making a substantial contribution to decarbonizing transport in Europe.

“We are happy that Linde’s unique technology plays a crucial role in supporting this initiative and establishing a model for greener public transportation networks worldwide.”

Linde’s momentum in hydrogen generation, processing, storage, and delivery is maintained with this latest development. In addition to operating the world’s first high pure hydrogen storage cavern, the company also manages pipeline networks spanning over 1,000 kilometers.