LINZ Hydrogen will be critical in the conversion of our energy systems. Linz aspires to become a center for research and production.

Linz is Austria’s most important industrial location. The downside: According to Mayor Klaus Luger, Linz is responsible for ten percent of all CO2 emissions in the Republic, according to a news conference held at the old town hall.

The city aspires to develop itself as a hydrogen technology hub based on this duty. “We want to persuade international firms to establish new research and manufacturing facilities in Linz, and we want to assist existing industrial enterprises in transforming their operations,” Luger added.

Serdar Sariciftci, the head of the JKU’s Institute for Physical Chemistry, is a scientific supporter of the initiative. “In the future, renewable fuels will play a critical role as an energy source,” Sariciftci said. He is personally overjoyed that the work he has done as a scientist for the past 35 years is finally being widely implemented. Hydrogen or synthetic fuels made from “green electricity” might be used to chemically store electricity generated by the sun and wind.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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