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Lion Energy announces green hydrogen strategy

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Lion Energy, based in Australia, has released a comprehensive green hydrogen plan as well as the registration of the company name ‘Lion H2 Energy.’

At a crucial juncture of capital, economies, and technology, Lion is positioning itself in the development of green hydrogen. This release includes a plan summary that highlights the following tentative roadmap:

  1. The establishment of a team of hydrogen experts,which will form a Hydrogen Advisory Board.
  2. The appointment of experts to systematically analyse optimal electrolyser locations in Australia.
  3. The securing of land rights, subject to available renewable energy supply and hydrogen or ammonia market potential
  4. The determination ofbest value and fit for purpose solar, wind and electrolyser technology.
  5. The appointment of a feasibility study consultant with appropriate experience.
  6. Establish joint ventures with global players to build large scale solar/wind farms and relevant energy storage facilities to produce green hydrogen at lowest cost for domestic and export markets
  7. The potential co-investment in the downstream to enable H2 markets such as the distribution of H2 to heavy vehicles.

“we are excited to venture into green hydrogen to participate in the energy transition and to leverage Australia’s comparative advantage in renewable energy. We are actively working on delivering against our objectives stated above and will make further announcements in due course

Tom Soulsby, Lion’s Executive Chairman
Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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