Liverpool’s new multimillion-pound hydrogen furnace arrived

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At Liverpool Port, a brand-new furnace capable of running on hydrogen has arrived. The first hydrogen-powered furnace of its sort in the United Kingdom will be constructed in Stanlow, Ellesmere Port, as part of a multimillion-pound investment by Essar Oil UK (EOUK).

This equipment is essential for the decarbonization of Essar Stanlow’s activities. The furnace, which was commissioned by EOUK earlier this year, arrived by boat on June 20 as part of Essar’s aim to become the first low-carbon refinery in the United Kingdom.

In a first for the United Kingdom, the furnace will run on a 100 percent hydrogen fuel supply beginning in 2026. It will run on hydrogen produced as part of HyNet, the leading decarbonization cluster in the United Kingdom. The furnace will replace three existing furnaces, enabling Essar to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize its activities.

The largest single module is 26.5 m in length, 18.5 m in height, and 14.5 m in width. The furnace will increase energy efficiency on-site and save maintenance expenses. Once its fuel source is 100 percent hydrogen, the furnace will be capable of reducing 242 000 metric tons of CO2 annually.

In 2023, the largest module of the furnace will be completely operational after being brought to Essar via the Manchester Canal later this summer.

The furnace is essential to Essar’s plan for Stanlow to become the first low-carbon refinery in the United Kingdom. Essar invests in a number of energy efficiency and low-carbon energy and carbon and storage programs, in addition to its leadership role in the HyNet consortium. Vertex Hydrogen, a joint company established in January by Essar and Progressive Energy, will create hydrogen on-site at Stanlow for use by the new furnace beginning in 2026.

Deepak Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer at Essar Oil UK, commented: “We are pleased that the furnace has arrived in the Port of Liverpool. We have embarked on a major investment programme to upgrade Essar’s infrastructure and future-proof our organisation as leaders in the transition to low-carbon and this furnace is one of many steps being taken to become the UK’s first low-carbon refinery. The future of decarbonised energy is being built and we are playing a key role in supporting the UK’s plans for building the low carbon economy of tomorrow.”

Claudio Veritiero, CEO of Peel Ports, said: “We are delighted to have played a key role in this important project, as a leading and sustainable Port operator we fully support the transition to hydrogen and the benefits this will bring in the reduction of carbon emissions. We’re proud to have worked with Essar and other partners to deliver this important element of the project which will position Liverpool and the North West at the forefront of greener energy production. This fits perfectly with our own ambition to become a net-zero Port operator by 2040.”

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