LLU Korea, Time Energy Solution partner on hydrogen fuel cell for personal mobility

A commercial agreement and development contract were inked by LLU Korea and Time Energy Solution to support the development of a personal mobility hydrogen fuel cell hybrid system.

Aiming to address the drawbacks of current power sources for personal mobility, such as frequent charging and discharging and limited operating time, lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries, this business agreement aims to develop a hydrogen fuel cell that uses a hydrogen fuel pack for environmentally friendly hydrogen generation. This is believed to enable it to have a hybrid battery and hydrogen fuel cell system that can overcome the constraints of the current battery-based drawbacks.

Both domestically and internationally, active research is being done on this technology, but the research on how it might be used to the field of personal mobility is still in its early stages.

LUL Korea is a personal mobility firm that develops platforms, distributes, and manufactures electric kickboards, electric kick bikes, and electric scooters using renewable energy. It displayed and advertised independently created electric bicycles at CES, the biggest consumer electronics and information technology (IT) event in the world, in 2022 and 2023.

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