Logan Energy provides hydrogen refueling infrastructure in Bavaria

Logan Energy has signed an agreement with German engineering firm Kraftanlagen Energies & Services to provide hydrogen refueling infrastructure in Bavaria.

Three trailer bays and filling outlets will be included in the hydrogen trailer filling station that will be provided and installed by the Edinburgh-based business. The trailers provide hydrogen refueling facilities for big cargo vehicles (HGVs).

The agreement will make it possible for hydrogen fuel to be filled, transported, and used in south-east Germany and beyond. By the second half of 2023, it is anticipated that the project, which is in response to demand from commercial clients looking to quickly convert to low-carbon, sustainable transport, would be completely operational.

The automated bays enable the on-site electrolyser and compression equipment to produce hydrogen, which can be used to fill trailers up to 450 bar. The program was developed to test for leaks to ensure reduced waste, to make joining and disconnecting safe and straightforward, and to provide real-time data to assist with proper billing.

In a recent analysis, the EU predicted that by 2050, up to 24% of energy consumption would be hydrogen-based, with 17% of new heavy-duty fleet cars using the fuel.

The project in Bavaria expands Logan Energy’s portfolio of initiatives across Europe, which already includes hydrogen infrastructure initiatives in Tenerife, the Netherlands, and various areas in the UK.

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