Loop Energy brags about its fuel cell efficiency of 1.11$ per mile

Loop Energy said that, at the present pricing point, its most recent cell system can provide higher fuel efficiency than a diesel engine.

According to the Burnaby, British Columbia-based company, a truck could travel just over 111 miles (179 km) on $100 worth of fuel using its new S1200 hydrogen fuel cell system as opposed to just over 109 miles for an equivalent diesel truck, based on a pan-European diesel cost of $1.91 per liter on Sept. 5 and $10 per kg of hydrogen.

Since batteries weigh too much for electric trucks to be practical, major freight truck manufacturers like Daimler Truck and Volvo are investing substantially in hydrogen fuel cells as the automotive industry transitions to zero-emission electric cars (EVs).

The only emission from hydrogen fuel cells, which use hydrogen to charge a tiny battery that powers the vehicle and generates electricity and heat, is water.

Because they have historically been less efficient than diesel and because there is so little fuel infrastructure in Europe, hydrogen fuel cells have encountered two obstacles to widespread deployment.

According to Nyland, the first of these problems is effectively solved by the new cell system.

According to Loop Energy CEO Ben Nyland, “this moves the future forward.” This product offers the economics required for adoption right now.

Nyland stated that Loop Energy’s goal is to give the fuel cell technology to emerging truck manufacturers as well as include it in the hydrogen powertrains that major suppliers give to established truck manufacturers.

The largest stakeholder in the business is American engine manufacturer Cummins, which owns more than 20% of Loop Energy.