Lotte Group to produce hydrogen via ammonia photolysis


First in the globe, Lotte Group collaborated with American and Japanese firms to develop ammonia photolysis technology.

Lotte Chemical and Lotte Fine Chemical, two subsidiaries of the business, struck an agreement on August 24 with Syzygy Plasmonics of the United States and Sumitomo Corp. of Japan to jointly develop a technology for obtaining hydrogen by decomposing ammonia.

The four businesses will validate technology for creating clean hydrogen for mixed or pure hydrogen supply for gas turbine power generation, as well as technology for manufacturing high-purity hydrogen for delivery to hydrogen fuel cells/hydrogen charging stations.

Syzygy is an American startup specializing in the design and production of photocatalytic reactors. It will be responsible for producing photolysis reactors and photocatalysts. Lotte Chemical is responsible for the design and construction of technology verification facilities, while Lotte Fine Chemical will provide ammonia and operate the production facilities. Sumitomo Corporation will carry the photocatalysts and reactor.

Ammonia is gaining interest as a hydrogen carrier and a fuel. When converted to hydrogen weight, the project’s demonstration scale is 1,000 cubic meters per hour, which is equivalent to creating around 2 tons of hydrogen per day. It is the largest demonstration project in the world. The method permits the continuous synthesis of massive quantities of hydrogen.

Lotte Chemical wants to manufacture 1.2 million tons of clean hydrogen by 2030 by investing 6 trillion won and to generate 5 trillion won in revenue from this endeavor.

Nedim Husomanovic

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