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MAHLE showcases technologies for clean shipping


The MAHLE technology group is showcasing its thermal management solutions for fuel cell peripherals used in all kinds of electrically-driven vessels at SMM in Hamburg, a specialized trade expo for the maritime industry.

They are able to run completely emission-free since they use hydrogen that has been created in a carbon-neutral manner. MAHLE’s over 10 years as a serial supplier for fuel cell technology on roads means that their technology can be easily adapted for maritime applications.

“The advent of fuel cells heralds a brand-new era in maritime transportation. Ships powered by this innovation are not only more environmentally friendly than those powered by diesel and heavy fuel oil, but they also run more silently and with less vibration. According to MAHLE’s Director of Industrial Thermal Management, Markus Hübsch, “this also makes them desirable for ferries and yachts.”

In particular, cooling the delicate and costly fuel cell necessitates an in-depth familiarity with this technology and the skill to put into practice such intricate cooling techniques. This is why, among other things, the company’s hydrogen test center in Stuttgart consolidates expertise in thermal, air, and liquid management, as well as mechatronics and electronics.

Having plenty of cleanly produced hydrogen on hand is crucial for fuel cell technology to be widely adopted. Therefore, in 2020, MAHLE joined the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative of leading industrial businesses involved in energy and transport that aims to establish hydrogen as a key element of the global energy revolution.

After more than a century in business, the German technology company has honed the skills essential to the creation and mass production of unique solutions. In addition to representing fuel cell technologies for automobiles and trucks, MAHLE is also exploring the potential of hydrogen for use in stationary applications, such as the provision of electricity, and in the fueling of internal combustion engines.

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