Marocco: John Cockerill invests in hydrogen

A strategic arrangement between John Cockerill and a Moroccan business will help Morocco build its hydrogen industry. The establishment of a gigafactory specifically devoted to the production of electrolyzers is a key component of the collaboration.

The Belgian business John Cockerill, a significant player in the production of green hydrogen through the creation of electrolyzers, has achieved an agreement with a prominent Moroccan energy company. They will form a cooperative company delivering solutions for Morocco’s integrated green hydrogen industry. It will specifically contain a plant for the production of alkaline electrolyzers, the first of its kind in Africa, among other things.

According to the statement, “this relationship enables John Cockerill to contribute to Moroccan and international goals in terms of green hydrogen and renewable energies.”

John Cockerill and his Moroccan partner hope to “co-develop a value chain dedicated to green hydrogen” in the nation from the gigafactory. They also want to increase local jobs and skills in this area.

EUR 947.4 million

With more than 5,500 employees, John Cockerill generated 947.4 million euros in revenue across 24 nations and 5 continents in 2021.

The national energy infrastructure

According to the Belgian group, the joint venture will have large-scale manufacturing capabilities for high-power alkaline electrolyzers for the production of green hydrogen “at the best price.” Large regional industries should be able to establish a national energy environment that is centered on renewable energies thanks to these improvements in the hydrogen sector (photovoltaic and wind).