Mauritania: deal signed for the development of the Nour project

The partnership agreement for the development of the NOUR project for the production of green hydrogen in Mauritania was signed by Chariot and Total Eren, under the supervision of the Mauritanian Minister of Energy, Petroleum, and Mines, Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh.

“We all share a common vision for a green hydrogen economy, and together with CHAR, we are committed to helping develop the local industry, public services, and infrastructure that would develop alongside the Nour project,” said Fabienne Demol, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Development at Total Eren.

The CEO of Chariot, Adonis Pouroulis, added: “Working on a project with such significant backing is humbling. We are enthusiastic about what the future holds for us as we move forward since this meeting showed what a significant role Nour might play on many levels.

The feasibility studies to co-develop the “Nour Project,” a sizable green hydrogen project located in Mauritania, were announced at the beginning of September by the consortium consisting of energy transition player Chariot Limited in Africa and Total Eren, a leader in independent power generation based in Paris.

Once it is put into practice, it might grow to be one of the biggest green hydrogen projects in Africa, with a potential electrolysis capacity of up to 10 GW.