McDermott and New Energy finish engineering two 50MW energy projects

Image: McDermott

McDermott International and New Energy Development company have finished the engineering for two 50-megawatt energy projects.

Each modular, expandable hydrogen facility can generate approximately 24,000 kilograms of renewable hydrogen per day.

“The engineering ingenuity of this design became a reality through the collaboration of many skilled and talented individuals across our two companies. Companies all over the world are looking for tangible solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and this design provides a valuable hydrogen solution to accomplish that goal.”

Cesar Canals, senior vice president of CB&I Storage Solutions.

Each facility uses New Energy’s patented architecture to power a series of electrolyzers, which generate green hydrogen and oxygen. The architecture also allows for the gradual expansion of production and storage capacities through modular additions.

“Working closely with our strategic partner, CB&I Storage Solutions, we believe New Energy’s innovative, flexible design can provide the most cost-effective application of green hydrogen technologies for the natural gas industry.”

Alexander “Hap” Ellis, New Energy managing partner.

The hydrogen design is suitable for grid-scale blending with natural gas pipelines, blending current or new power generation plants, and injection of energy storage into salt caverns and above ground storage tanks. The facility’s design allows for an additional 15 megawatts of 100% hydrogen-powered power generation to enable grid-scale energy storage applications.

“As we look toward the future, we strongly believe that hydrogen will have a very prominent role and we will continue to apply our collective expertise to make that future a reality.”

Matthew Harwood, McDermott’s senior vice president of strategy, risk and sustainability.
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