Microsoft power plant to be powered by hydrogen fuel cell

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Microsoft intends to utilize a carbon-free energy source. The business has just proven the ability to generate 3MW of electricity from a hydrogen source.

Green energy is here

The firm is nearing the completion of its project. It intends to power its data centers without utilizing carbon. New York has a hydrogen energy system designed by Plug Power and implemented there. The concept is built on two 13-meter-long shipping containers containing hydrogen fuel cells.

Microsoft’s 3 MW demonstration is a first. This is membrane proton exchange fuel cell technology. It mixes hydrogen and oxygen to simultaneously create energy, water, and heat. This is green energy based on electrolysis-obtained green hydrogen.

The organization then conducted acceptance testing by utilizing the new technology to manage a data center. The test demanded that the diesel generators supply the same load as usual. The primary objective was to confirm that the data center operated in the same manner and would not be affected by power interruptions.

On the Microsoft blog, it is said that once green hydrogen is commercially feasible and readily available, its use will spread to all sectors. This covers all locations requiring backup power.

A source of energy that supports Microsoft’s zero-carbon objectives

Microsoft’s director of data center research, Sean James, discussed acceptance testing. “The success of these tests is similar to the first space mission for the data center sector. Similar to the initial lunar landing. Amazingly, one of our generators did not release anything.”

Supporting the usage of renewable energy, the corporation is dedicated to eliminating its carbon impact by 2030. The company has begun to establish power purchase agreements. These agreements require it to maintain a particular carbon dioxide emission balance in its data centers. In reality, the organization had installed backup generators. They are used seldom, and they all operate on diesel, which emits carbon dioxide. And although Microsoft does not rely on them, the company intends to eliminate them completely by 2030.

Senior Microsoft developer Mark Monroe adds, “We have given considerable attention to the cost and availability of hydrogen. And we are confident that it is the best solution. We began with a rack and have progressed to a row, a room test, and finally a data center.”

Plug intends to commercialize this fuel cell technology. Microsoft is waiting for this version to be implemented in a top-secret research data center. Microsoft has already powered one of its data centers using hydrogen for 48 hours by the end of July.

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