Mid West Hydrogen Hub gets $5.5M boost

The Mid West Hydrogen Hub is being developed more quickly thanks to $5.5 million in planning and study efforts from the McGowan administration.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation will work on the studies and planning throughout the ensuing 12 to 18 months. In order to connect the Oakajee SIA to the South West Interconnected System, Western Power will spend $3 million on planning activities and close cooperation with Energy Policy WA.

DevelopmentWA will get $1.2 million to carry out land planning projects, while $600,000 will be used to carry out cultural heritage projects. Additionally, $500,000 will be used to conduct an investigation on the export of hydrogen products from the area in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam and the Mid West Ports Authority.

A grant of $400,000 will be used to create project approval plans, carry out more feasibility studies on hydrogen demand initiatives, and build hub-specific common user infrastructure. The Water Corporation will receive $300,000 lastly to conduct water supply studies.

The Oakajee SIA, which is around 435 kilometers north of Perth and 23 kilometers north of Geraldton, is an important part of the Mid West Hydrogen Hub. The Oakajee SIA is a perfect location for the generation of renewable hydrogen, including for residential and commercial use, advanced manufacturing, and export, and is recognized for its world-class wind and sun energy potential.

The additional financing adds to the McGowan Government’s $7.5 million pledge for an access road into the Oakajee SIA to launch the precinct’s activation. The Minister also disclosed that the State Government’s Industrial Lands Panel has authorized Oakajee SIA’s land allotment at the Mid West Major Projects conference.

Up until the conclusion of crucial terms discussions with DevelopmentWA, the Industrial Lands Panel has agreed to provide land to six applications from businesses interested in constructing hydrogen-related projects at Oakajee SIA.