MingYang reveals new MySE11-203 offshore wind turbine


MingYang Smart Energy Group has revealed the latest MySE11-203 turbine with a high reliability and a lower LCoE for the offshore wind farm.

Designed on the basis of the IEC wind class IB, the new MySE11-203 features a nominal plate capacity of 11 MW, a rotor diameter of 203 meters, an annual energy production 31 percent higher than its predecessor, a super compact design and an optimal substructure at lower costs.

Its 99-meter long MySE11-99A1 carbon-glass hybrid blades provide a swept area of 32.365 square meters, about as large as 5 standard football fields.

In addition, only one MySE11-203 can save about 1.15 million tons of carbon dioxide over a 25-year lifespan when compared to coal-fired power generation.

This offshore giant prototype is expected to be installed in 2021 and commercially accessible in 2022, leading to robust wind energy development and a lower LCoE with its super high reliability.

The evolution of technology has entitled MingYang’s hybrid drive platform, MySE, to many distinct benefits.

The short and strong structure can reduce the load on the turbine drivetrain, making it composed of less fragile components; the medium-speed gearbox is similar in structure to the aero-engine gearboxes with a high reliability gene; the compact design ensures insulation inside the nacelle against corrosion caused by salt sea air; in addition, the lubrication system with high-precision 5µm filtration guarantees the high reliability and longer life of bearings and gear transmissions.

Nedim Husomanovic

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